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Road Trip Profile: Impossibly scenic and equally historic, this drive presents the opportunity to visit several of the greatest hits of Arizona’s Old Western towns. Cowboy culturalists, the cosmic energy curious, and outdoor enthusiasts can all find something to get on board with among the many sights and experiences on the road between Flagstaff and Prescott. 

Pro-tip: Neighboring cities in north-central Arizona, trips between Flagstaff and Prescott are great for day-drives and quick weekend getaways. While this suggested itinerary is not the fastest way between points A and B, we encourage you to take the scenic route on this one. You won’t regret it. 


Stop #1: Sedona 

Only 30 miles down the road from Flagstaff, Sedona is a place of spiritual significance for many travelers who come here seeking a cosmic supercharge or a relaxing getaway among the other-worldly red rocks. Whatever your particular kind of “church,” you’ll find sanctuary here. Take a pit stop with a meditative hike around Cathedral Rock. Light a candle at the impossibly beautiful Chapel of the Holy Cross. Browse the local market of artists and makers at Tlaquepaque village. 

Must-see’s & do’s: Whether you’re seeking an energy-uplifting “vortex” or just a breath of fresh air, the key to making the most of Sedona is spending time outdoors. Pack some comfortable shoes and enjoy the natural wonders of this almost-otherworldly place. 

Stop #2: Jerome

They say this place is haunted. Perched on the face of the Black Hills overlooking the Verde Valley, Jerome is an historic mining town long-deserted by the industry. If not haunted, this is definitely a town with a familiarity of ghosts. With breathtaking desert views and elevation that may make you dizzy, there’s no other place quite like it. For the truly daring or the paranormally-curious, set aside some time to tour Jerome’s Grand Hotel. Built in the 1920s as the town’s hospital, hundreds of visitors report experiences of paranormal activity every year. 

Must-see’s & do’s: Stroll through local art galleries. Shop for fabulous vintage clothing and accessories at one of the town’s many antique shops. Take a tour of the abandoned mine camp and learn more about the unique history of this turn-of-the-century relic. 

Stop #3: Prescott

Wildly preserved, Prescott keeps the history of the American West alive. Cowboy culture is alive and well, as well as a tight-knit artist community, combined, Prescott is a beacon for independent spirits. Whether you spend your time among their high desert nature or bask in the atmosphere of one of their many old west saloons, days in Prescott are well-suited to the curious and the adventurous. 

Must-see’s & do’s: Grab a pint in one of the saloons on Whiskey Row. Explore the natural wonders of the Prescott lakes and climb all over the moon-rock-like-terrain of the Prescott Dells. Take a blanket for a nice picnic lunch under the grandfather trees that shade the courthouse lawn in the historic town square.