Spend a day in Flagstaff and enjoy major department stores, independent boutiques, and everything in between—regardless, you’ll probably go home with something that will be treasured forever.

The Historic Railroad District, in the Historic Downtown Flagstaff area, has a large variety of stores, including clothing boutiques, outdoor-gear outfitters, bookstores, and art galleries. The south side reflects Flagstaff's diverse ethnic roots with eclectic shops and eateries.

The Flagstaff Mall, open seven days a week, houses over 60 stores (including GAP, Eddie Bauer, Bath and Body Works, American Eagle, Dillard's, and Sears) plus a Food Court and a full-service restaurant.

If you’re looking for something artistic, explore the many galleries and studios in both Flagstaff and Sedona—and don’t forget Little America’s own Gift Shop and Lifestyle Boutique, offering clothing, art, fine jewelry, and more.